Available Investment Opportunities

Virgin Island
Size:  9.1 Hector
Lease Period: 50 years can be extended another 45 years (Total 95 years)
Price: US$ 5.25 Million can be negotiated.
Notes: This price included the following
1. government acquisition fee of the island
2. Island owners fee
3. Lawyers and documentation fee.

Why Invest in Maldives?

The Maldives tourism industry has always been lucrative marker for investors and over the three decades of healthy tourism in the country, all the resort hotel owners have made huge gains and have expanded their business in the industry.

The government also actively encourages investment in hotel properties that meets international standards to cater for the influx of international visitors to Maldives and also offers many opportunities for private investors: They includes:-

  • A liberal investment environment
  • A peaceful country
  • The hotel itself is an island surrounded by sea
  • 100% foreign ownership of resort islands and joint venture operations
  • Excellent sea and air connections with daily flights to Europe and elsewhere
  • Domestic sea and air taxi services
  • Transferable of profits dividends and capital gains overseas
  • One five star resort already in operation in the atoll
  • New developing resorts are in same atoll in close proximity.
  • Close by Domestic Airport (Male to Airport 30 minutes by Air) (Airport to proposed resort 15 minutes)

Island Photos

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